Corporate Branded Shot Skis

As the owner or executive of your business, you have worked hard to build your company and establish your brand. Let us put your company’s corporate logo on a Custom Shot Ski and boost your brand exposure. Corporate shot skis are available in 3 shot or 4 shot options, letting you and a few friends or employees take a shot or two…or three together!

Are you the tough, office boss who drives productivity with that nose to the grindstone approach to work? Maybe you the quiet and reserved captain at the helm of your company who is chained to their desk all day. Perhaps you are the corporate traveler who spends their days on the road. Well, whichever one you are, it’s time to let that person go and become the life of the work party with one of our fully customizable Shot Skis. We can put your corporate logo on any of our skis in time for your next company party! Impress your employees with a corporate branded shot ski and a bottle of everyone’s favorite hooch at this year’s holiday shin-dig.

Hang your corporate branded shot ski in your office or have a few made up if you’re part of a franchise. Our full-tilt shot glasses are a fun way to show your brand loyalty and corporate pride. Custom Shot Skis are perfect for convention displays and corporate events. Any business can put their logo on shirts and stickers, stand out with corporate branded shot skis. Take your promotional swag to the next level with us. If you’re feeling generous, give one to each of those big clients. Custom Shot Skis and a bottle to go with are the perfect way to say “Thank You” to those special clients.

Our custom design lab is easy to use and produces true to life replicas of what the end product will be, so you know what your shot ski will look like.

Get your Custom Business Shot Skit Now

It’s time to reward your employees with that work hard play hard attitude. Get your business branded shot ski today. If you are ready to get your unique company logo on a shot ski, click here. If you have questions we can be reached at 801-628-7122.