Personalized & Special Occasion Custom Shot Skis

Special occasions like birthdays and weddings are best celebrated taking a shot with your friends. And there is no better way to make a shot with your friends than with a personalized shot ski from Custom Shot Skis. Our three shot and four shot skis take drinking with friends to a whole new level. Line them up and shoot them down a few at a time with a Personalized Shot Ski.

If you need a gift for that person in your life that is hard to shop for or has everything, then a Custom Shot Ski is the perfect gift. If you have a wedding to attend and the thought of giving them a blender or towels makes you die inside a little, then provide them with a shot ski. We can place any images, graphics, and text on our skis, so you can truly personalize it. Your imagination only limits the variations and options for the look of your customized ski.

We can personalize our Shot Skis with a few pictures of your good friend through the years for that special birthday gift. Decorate a Shot Ski with images of the happy couple while they were dating as wedding gift everyone in attendance can enjoy. Design a Shot Ski with images of your family and friends spending time in your vacation property and display it there for everyone to enjoy. Whatever the reason and whoever the recipient, Custom Shot Ski can personalize any of our products for every celebration.

Special Occasion Shot Skis

As you settle on images to customize your ski with, move them into our design lab where you can arrange them as you please. Our lab gives you total control over customizing that Shot Ski for the recipient. You can even add text like names, dates and quotes. You are only limited by your imagination.
We invite you to play around in the design lab until you have the result you want with your shot ski. You might even design a Shot Ski you want for yourself!

Treat your friends and family to a personalized custom Shot Ski just for them. Celebrate with a shot for:

  • Birthdays
  • Bachelor’s party
  • Weddings
  • Bridal shower
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirement
  • Promotion

In our design lab you have total creative control and can design until you are completely satisfied. Once you are pleased with your personalized ski, submit your idea, check out and we will email you your tracking number within 72-hours.
If you have any questions about your design or our product, please call 801-628-7122.